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I love animals almost as much as I love creating ART!

 I have always loved to create, but it wasn’t until I discovered alcohol inks, that a true passion (dare I say obsession?) for making art emerged.  I am a self-taught artist who loves the vibrant colors and the movement of alcohol inks.  When I sit down to paint, I never really know what will show up on the paper. I let the inks lead the way.   Adding resin to my paintings adds one more delectable dimension to the finished product.  I like to say my work leans toward abstract realism with a hint of “feel-good.” 

As you browse through my paintings, think of it as a form of meditation.  Just take a deep breath and enjoy!

Choose any 3 Animal Photos  * Choose White or Black Frame *  Choose White or Black Matte

Most Artwork you see on the following pages can be printed on Glossy Metal in many different sizes. 

If you are interested in finding out more, please contact me!