"I went to a baby shower for a first-time Mom who had requested only baby and children's books.  Some of the books that were given were old favorites like "Brown Bear" and "Good Night Moon", but this book seemed to be the real hit.  It was passed around and celebrated by all.  The quality of the book, the great lettering and the wonderful illustrations were all noticed and favorably commented on! This will be my go to book for baby gifts for now on!" -Maureen, Rapid City


-Kristin, Austin, Texas

"Your beautiful book arrived today in perfect condition, and will soon be in the hands of my granddaughter, Carolyn. It is stunning! Thank you for your charming and so-well-done creation! Love it! "  -Claudia, Burnsville

We gave Will his signed book.  It is a hit!

-Jane, Scottsdale

"What a treasure this book is.  I am excited to share it with our boys, our family and our friends."  -Angela, mother of four, Eagan