All her life, Lori has loved to create. As a young mom she involved herself in several startup businesses making handmade toys and other items, but the bulk of her time was spent caring for her three children and supporting them in their various artistic endeavors. After years of attending her children's plays, concerts, and exhibitions, her life has entered a new chapter as her children have grown and begun raising their own families. Now grandmother to 8 beautiful grand kids (and two grand-furbabies), Lori has rediscovered her passion for visual arts through creating a personalized picture book for each grandchild. "We Are Glad You're Here" was her first book, written for the little boy who made her a grandma nine years ago. Her medium of choice has ranged from paper collage to colored pencil and pen to watercolor, but her inspiration always comes from her family. Lori currently lives in Minnesota with her husband of 36 years, Bob.

Featured Author: Lori Radecki

-artwork from book

Other works coming soon from Lori:   "Did You Have a Good Sleep, Ladybug?"